Last week  it was about stripes, this week is all about DOTS!! Such a whimsical, fun and classic pattern! Adults and kids both love it. Dot patterns have a vintage yet modern feel. And they have multiple uses. Here are a few to inspire you. For more, please go to “DOTS” on Pinterest.

Ice Cream Sandwiches are HOT!


Forget the souffles and panacottas, the dessert that’s getting all the attention is the ice cream sandwich. It might sound simple enough – a slab of ice cream between two biscuits, but it’s a dessert match made in gourmet heaven! Top food sites have named the fad among the ‘5 most exciting food trends for…

Halloween Freebie – update


As you may have noticed, I deleted yesterday’s halloween freebie due to some problems with the source. There is though, another great website, ( that has some amazing free vintage images. It is a great resource for your personal projects. For more, please visit The graphic fairy website.

Feathers in home decor & fashion


I know that is sounds a little strange but feathers are quite a lovely home decor element – when done the right way of course! Perfect for a Thanksgiving table setting or even as a holiday decor. It can also be light and delicate for spring. Feathers hit fashion really hard a couple of years…

Mint color


Mint…such a beautiful, sweet and delicate color! It is versatile, as you can use it during spring and winter. It was a very trendy pastel for this past spring but I am still seeing it for the holiday season as more of a winter mint. Very fresh and light. It is a pure delight. Here are…

Petite houses


Petite (small) houses are some very cute home decor I have been seeing for the past year. At first I saw them for the holidays now I am seeing them for everyday decor. They are just adorable! They came in all shapes, sizes and materials: paper, ceramic, porcelain, wood, concrete and metal. My favorite ones…

Wallpaper decor


I have been looking for wallpaper designs for my home and was pleasantly surprised on what I found online. Wallpaper is not for old fashion anymore.  There are now so many more options, patterns for all types of tastes. Modern, classic, eclectic, fun, 3D, paintable and of course removable ones. The only thing is that they…

Oscar de la Renta


RIP Oscar de la Renta.   The man who died Monday at the age of 82 was as much an icon as some of the celebrities he dressed over the years. From haute couture to causal wear, his name became synonymous with glamour and style. After he spent decades making the beautiful all the more…

Typography in home decor


People are inundated with stories these days thanks to the upsurge in oversharing across social media outlets and more; these examples of typographical decor show the impact of such modern forms of story-telling. In an attempt to surround oneself with motivational quotes and individual styles, there has been a substantial growth of typographical decor. Whether…

Nail Art


I hope everybody had a lovely weekend! Today, I want to share the art of nail painting! Yes, it has become quite an artistic movement. Even my 7 year old twin girls are in it! I, in the other hand, seem to be having difficulties catching up! Don’t get me wrong, I love getting manicures…