Ultra-Violet | 2018 COLOR OF THE YEAR


As I am trying to catch up with everything that has been going on this year, I finally got a chance to go over the color of this year, ultra-violet. Every year I post about the color and how it is used in fashion, home decor, the arts and design but this year I wanted…

10 Great Packaging Design Trends for 2018


I wanted to start by saying that it has been a long time. A really long time! Things have been great and super busy for Mio Creative Design and blogging has fallen to the back burner. But I am back and hoping to focus more on the design industry in general. So even though we…

Nude Color Inspiration

2017 Mio Creative Design_NUDE COLOR-01

I don’t know about you guys but I am obsessed with this color – nude! Perfect for winter and spring. I can’t say enough good things about it. It is delicate, feminine, soft, classic & elegant. I see this color being used in cosmetics, nails, home decor, handbags, shoes. Nude can come in many different shades and…

Mustache – a design icon

2017 Mio Creative Design_MUSTACHES-01

Mustaches – you might call it manly, trendy or even hipster. It is a design element used from cute stationery, fashion accessories, posters, and even in packaging. It has become an universal, playful “manly” design element. It is believed that PETA started the whole mustache thing with their campaign “Grow Your Own Fur” back in 2010. PETA posted…

The Year of the Rooster – Happy Chinese New Year!

2017 Mio Creative Design_CHINESE NEW YEAR-01

Chinese New Year 2017 – The Year of the Rooster – has begun and will last until Feb 15, 2018. The new year, also known as the Spring Festival, is marked by the lunisolar Chinese calendar, so the date changes from year to year. The festivities usually start the day before the New Year and continue…

2017 Color of the Year – Greenery

2017 Mio Creative Design_COLOR OF THE YEAR-01

Well, hello world! And happy new year all! Better late than never, right? Again, I have been busy and I am trying to catch up with life. One of my 2017 goals is to continue pushing myself to be more creative and inspiring anyone who is interested. I would love to hear from you as…

Fall Leaves Inspiration

2016 Mio Creative Design_FALL LEAVES-01

Fall is in if you haven’t noticed! We are in the time of the year where we go from all green to the gorgeous multi colored leaves. With the fresh and crisp air we get to enjoy the outdoors a little longer before winter sets in. Leaves are of course THE fall icon and of…

2016 Fall Colors

2016 Mio Creative Design_FALL COLORS-06

Fall is right around the corner and with that we have a new season of colors and trends to explore. I am very excited to start with colors as it always helps to set the mood for everything. We always have the traditional browns, reds and mustard yellow colors but we also look to add a pop…

Succulents Freebie


Hello all! I am back for a very long overdue freebie! Since it is technically still summer and I can’t get enough of it I wanted to create another warm inspiration. Here is a new watercolor succulent pattern for you to enjoy while it is still warm. It is a very versatile pattern and it can be used in…

Build your own succulent!


I have been obsessed with succulents these days! They are adorable, a great home decor and easy to put together. Take a look at these easy 4 steps to build your own succulent:   Download the pdf file for easy your reference: Succulents For more inspirations, please visit the “Succulents” board on Pinterest.