Now that we took a look at what Palo Santo is and does as well as its benefits, we can take a look at the packaging design side of it. (In case you missed it, check out the last post from earlier this week: Palo Santo: Close Up). As you all know, packaging design is something that I am very passionate about, especially home fragrance so I am very excited to take a close up look.

Palo Santo can be found in different formats, from the original wood burning, to aromatherapy oil, diffusers & candles.  And Palo Santo fragrances can be found from brands like Le Labo, White Barn, Olo, Bath & Body Works & Carner Barcelona among other ones. It is slowly becoming more main stream and soon we might be seeing it everywhere.


Here are some of the more exciting packaging and label designs:


Le Labo's candle.

Le Labo's classic label is modern and minimal with a vintage twist. It is simple and it gets the message across.

Often_Wander Candle

Often_Wander's candle label is playful and trendy with the handwritten typography style.

White Barn Candle

White Barn's candle has an elegant look with the geometric pattern and long white label in the front. The pink and gold add a retro feel to the overall look and feel.



Wood Sticks from Earth Origin


Earth Origin added beautiful inspirational words engraved to the Palo Santo. The canvas bag and jute string add a layer of authenticity to the overall look.



Skeem Design Oil

Skeem Design has a wood like label with a tribal design pattern that makes it memorable.


*All images are from Pinterest.



Now that we did a study of what is out there in the market, it is my turn to take a stab at it! Take a look at this packaging concepts that I had a chance to design and let me know your thoughts on it! Hope you like it!

Palo Santo + White Sage Packaging Concept


 Palo Santo + White Sage Packaging Concept

Palo Santo Packaging Concept

 Palo Santo Packaging Concept

Palo Santo + Lavender Packaging Conept

Palo Santo + Lavender Packaging Conept



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