Now that I am caught up with the latest design trends, it is time to have a little fun and look at some creative & playful packaging designs. We all know that consumers tend to remember products better that appeal to their emotions. And what better way then to appeal to the comic sense. Here are some examples:

Rellana Hair

Rellana, a German yarn and knitting supply producer, took a chance and got a lot of attention with this packaging design. Funny and silly at the same time, it gets your attention and the point across.




These rawhide dog treats are another great example to design packaging and appeal to the consumers in a light and playful way. Each box is personalized with a different dog breed, showing the treats as teeth. Pretty clever!




Pick Your Nose Cups

Party Animal Nose Cups. These cups are a great example of using what would be usually negative blank space and turn it around and make it a focal point. Silly and playful perfect for all ages.



Handsome Coffee

Well, this brand is definitly confident and they have a little fun with it in a very subtle way. My husband saw this and asked me if we could get some! It looks like the branding message worked for him!



Fazer Vilpuri

Who said that white bread is boring? With these playful and silly designs, Fazer Vilpuri doesn’t think so. Perfect to get kids attention!


Triticum Bread Packaging

Another bread packaging that had fun with their packaging. A great way to incorporate the product as part of the design element.



Meralco Shopping Bags


These Meralco shopping bags are both clever and functional.



For more inspirations, take a look at “Funny Packaging” board on Pinterest.

* All images were found on Pinterest.

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