Now that we are going into summer, things get more exciting with colors and patterns! Here are a few that we can definitly expect to see around us.



Tropical leaves have been in trend for the last couple of years but we can’t seem to get enough of it. With a luxurious and fun feel, as well as bold and colorful, these tropical patterns can take you away for the summer.



It is no surprise that we are seeing florals as we do every year but this year we are seeing florals that are big in scale, watercolor and tropical. From the runway to the national chain stores, florals are here to stay.



These organic patterns are one of my favorite patterns and styles. It is loose, playful and just plain beautiful. It gives a laid back but modern feel to your everyday look. Perfect on swimsuits, bikinis, to home decor items like pillows or throws.



Another of my favorite type of patterns. Stripes can be elegant and sophisticated. In other words, stripes are with no doubt timeless. They can be used in different brush styles, angles, colors and thicknesses, always creating newness and a different point of view.


* All these images were collected from Pinterest. For more inspirations, please go to 2018 Summer Pattern | Print Designs.

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