Black & White Stripes Lifestyle

There is no other color combination as classic and sophisticated as black and white. And if there’s a pattern that will not go out of style, it’s stripes. When you put the two together, you have one of the most classic pieces you can possibly have in your wardrobe and home!

Today, stripes in fashion and home decor seems like an unquestionable choice. Anywhere from nautical to mod, to a casual laid-back look, stripes are a key element in achieving great style. It is a pattern that appeals to everyone, even those who prefer no pattern at all. So naturally, we consider stripes to be a timeless classic, and a motif that is perfect year round.

A quick look into where the popularity of stripes originated from takes us to 18th century France, where the nobility was fascinated by the perfectly drawn stripes of zebras. Their admiration for nature’s perfection and elegance soon translated into fashion and interior design, making this pattern a must-have in chic design. However, the way that we use stripes today comes from none other than Coco Chanel who translated the traditional Breton sailor’s uniform into every day wear. The striped cotton shirt became a symbol of her simplification of women’s fashion. So every time we put on a striped dress or nautical bathing suit, we have Miss Chanel to thank.

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