Jewelry: Favorite Picks

Today I am starting something new: my favorite picks. And I will start with jewelry!
Like everything, jewelry has trends. And for this spring, shiny gold, minimal designs and delicate layering pieces are very much in. (source: Anna Sheffield from Bing Bang)

These are just a few examples of some jewelry that I completely adore and would buy in a heart beat! Take a look:

1. Etsy: Hammered Gold Stacking Rings – $48

2. Etsy: Rough Diamond Stud Earrings – $156

3. Etsy: Natural Stone Necklace – $72

4. General Store: Kathleen Whitaker Staple Stud – $55

5. Luna Sky Jewelry: 14kt gold & diamond free form moonstone necklace – $875

6. Michael Kors: Modern Opulence Chain Necklace – $350

7. Etsy: Sterling silver set of 15 thin stackable rings – $57

8. Pigment: Lovetatum Clear Quartz Round Ring – $64 & Lovetatum White Drusy Gemstone Ring – $68

9. Etsy: Black Spinel ring – $2,290.00

10. Towne & Reese: Agate stone pendant necklace – $40


For more inspirations, please visit my “Jewelry” board on Pinterest.

Disclaimer: These picks are my own personal preferences and I receive no commission. This is just for fun and inspiration.

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