Creative Barcodes

Barcodes: it is an optical machine-readable representation of data relating to the object to which it is attached.

In the past barcodes, have always been designed very basic. It has been seen just as a selling tool.



Now, designers are looking at it, as another way to elevate a packaged product, a way to get more attention and make you smile a little more.


The barcode is one of the most unexplored designs right due to the misconception that the design is immutable and just plain boring to look at. Fact of the matter is, not only can their lines be twisted for creative purposes, but when it’s treated equally with other design subjects, the barcode has the capability to highlight and make the product stand out from the rest.
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We are so used  to the boring look of a bar code that our minds cannot even imagine it could look any different than it looks right now. But the guys from & know a little secret – it can be creatively customized and designed to look really attractive, and in the end even be scannable just like every standard bar code.
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Here are some lovely examples. For more please go to my “Design” board on Pinterest.

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